Metrics Mark

"I Excel So You Don't Have To"


Hi, my name is Mark. My unhealthy love for spreadsheets and analytics has dubbed me Metrics Mark. #MetricsMark

I have a passion for technology, music, and life hacking. As much as I like having work to-do, I rather automate it so I can put my expertise somewhere else within an organization. I'm versatile in my capabilities and learn new skills quickly, so I'm often found being thrown into work outside of data science such as design, video editing, coding, or anything else that requires being tech savvy.

Along with projects/hobbies I take on outside of work, I am driven to grow personally. Whether that be working out, advancing my education, or completing certifications to boost my credibility.

My Work

From writing out code to visualizing data. I do the work and consult as well.

Started out being for fun and evolved into various website projects.

Screenshot of PDX Pick interview

Before finding a calling in data, I started in video production and 3D modeling.

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